Hassle-free additional services

Upgrade your IT environment with our add-on packages. Simple and hassle-free.

Johan Lönnqvist Customer success and founder at azeo

Server 3 400 sek/month

Microsoft Azure server hosting the company's business applications, accessible either through remote desktop or directly as apps on your computer.

Hyr en MacBook Air dator från Azeo utan bindningstid

600 sek/month

Choose between a Macbook or a PC, and enjoy included support, service and installation. Hassle-free!

wifi-abonnemang med Azeo

1 100 sek/month

With Azeos Wi-Fi subscription, you'll enjoy a fast, secure, and reliable network of the highest quality, equipped with the latest and best hardware available.

Included is a robust firewall and comprehensive support agreement.

säkerhetsanalys via Azeo

Security analysis
1 800 sek/month

Stay on top of your company's security status by subscribing to the Security Analysis. You will gain unparalleled visibility and insight into your current situation, providing a foundation for potential action.

Intranet via azeo

1 600 sek/month

By utilizing a pre-packaged intranet, you can effectively address your company's internal communication needs. Start small and avoid turning it into a complicated project. Harness the powerful standard functionality that the cloud provides.

Dashboard- datavisualisering av KPIer för att hur företaget går

1 900 sek/month

Showcase your KPIs and drive greater engagement within the company!

Webpage on subscription

500 sek/month

Complete website for your business, hassle-free and user-friendly.

How does our additional services work?

Call me at +46 707 29 74 68 or schedule a meeting and I will tell you more.
Gustav Hagberg CEO and founder at azeo