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Server as a service

Virtual server in the cloud.
Simple, powerful, secure and struggle-free.

Azeo Fjärrskrivbord

Azure Cloud Server 

A server in Microsoft Azure where the company's business applications are installed. You can reach them either via remote desktop or as apps directly from your computer. Unlimited monitoring, operation and maintenance of the cloud server is included in the monthly cost.

Operational reliability

Our servers have very high reliability. We guarantee at least 99.95% uptime. If the hardware on which your server is located should fail, it will be moved to new hardware within seconds. This means no or non-existent downtime.

High performance

You always get the latest technology. For example, we use hyper-fast hard drives with no moving parts. Our virtual servers also come with built-in protections against hardware failures that minimize the risk of troubling downtime.


Our cloud servers are easy to scale up or down as needed. With a few keystrokes, we can add processors, hard drives and memory without having to restart the server. This means that the server's capacity can be adapted to the current load.

We help you get started

We carry out a safe transfer of data from your existing system, set up your computers, tablets and phones. The move affects users minimally.

Satisfied customer guarantee 

In order for you to feel completely secure with your service, we offer a 30-day return policy. 

Buy it now and feel it for real!

We could go on talking about IT solutions indefinitely. But a picture.. or in this case a system, is worth more than a thousand words.