About Azeo

Hassle-free for customers.
Complicated for competitors.

Jan Svartling Project manager at Azeo

Our story

In September 2020, Azeo merged with the IT company 101 Stockholm AB, which had been around since 2000. At the same time, a fully subscribed new issue was carried out with business angels who provided capital to develop the company in the long term. Azeo is now a financially strong company with 15 shareholders and good growth. Some proof of this includes:

  • Microsoft has chosen Azeo as a partner to promote itself to small businesses
  • Azeo has been selected as a partner for Sweden's leading coworking company, United Spaces, and helps their members with IT
  • Azeo is at the absolute forefront when it comes to customer satisfaction in recognized assessments such as NPS

Our concept, "IT department on subscription," gives small and medium-sized businesses full control over their IT costs. We turn the market upside down by ensuring that all IT works without any hourly costs. Hassle-free for our customers. Complicated for our competitors.

Hassle-free IT

Our business model is simple. It's based on providing small and medium-sized businesses with hassle-free IT at a fixed price. So hassle-free and efficient that support becomes almost non-existent. With a mix of the best IT systems on the market, digital tools, and focused expertise, we have succeeded so well that we provide all IT support for free.

We simply call it Hassle-free IT.

Hassle-free IT - girl on top of mountain


The Azeo team is built on customer experience and a delightful mix of people. With a lot of passion and drive, we give everything for our customers. We also like to say that we're faster than lightning compared to many of our competitors. We're allergic to bureaucracy, hierarchies, and the "structural capital" of big corporations. This allows us to provide you with faster service while having fun at work.


Gustav Hagberg CEO and founder at Azeo

Gustav Hagberg

Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Azeo. After studying at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm), he has worked in a variety of executive positions, most recently as CEO of Kaper Norden AB. It was there that he realized how poorly treated small and medium-sized businesses can be by the big IT players.

Kristian Johnson CTO and founder at Azeo

Kristian Johnson

Kristian is a co-founder of Azeo and has been working in the IT and telecom industry since 1995. He has been a CTO in several startups and has a strong technical expertise. He has also studied Business Management at IHM.

Johan Lönnqvist Customer success and founder at Azeo

Johan Lönnqvist

Co-founder of Azeo. Business and IT consultant with extensive experience in efficiency solutions, processes, and automation. Johan's common thread is working with Microsoft and its solutions and software.

Jan Svartling projectmanager at Azeo

Jan Svartling

Jan has worked as a project manager and product manager for large companies such as Handelsbanken, SEB, Tele2, and Telenor. Jan's expertise in agile work increases customer focus and constantly improves both process and product, both for Azeo and our customers. He is also a certified SAFe Scrum Master.

Advisory board

Azeo's Advisory Board has extensive industry experience and addresses the company's strategic issues while also opening doors for new business opportunities.

Dennis Bohm Azeo Advisory Board

Dennis Bohm

Dennis is a successful serial entrepreneur with an insatiable appetite for developing companies. His experience with growth companies is invaluable for Azeo. In addition to successful companies, he has also received an award as Entrepreneur of the Year.

Johan de Verdier Azeo Advisory Board

Johan de Verdier

Johan has a vast experience in growing IT companies, having been CEO of companies such as Zipper/Enfo and the billion-dollar company Candidator/Iver. Johan is a great asset and an optimal sounding board for us.