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Hassle-free IT as a service

With our subscription, we make it easy for you. Everything you need is included. Always at a fixed price. No surprises. Hassle-free, simply.

It's simple. 

Everything you need is included. 

Azeo One

Azeo One

In our subscription Azeo One, everything your company needs is included! You get unlimited access to our experienced technicians, IT architects, and advisors. We take care of everything and ensure that your IT works seamlessly.


Price is based on number of employees. Please contact us to get your price. 

As your IT department, we help you with everything on a daily basis, regardless of whether you use PC or Mac, Microsoft 365, Google or your own server. All support is of course included.

With Azeo One, you get access to our experienced technicians, IT architects and advisors who help you with strategic IT issues.

Personnel training is crucial for the company's security, therefore unlimited IT security training is included for all employees. In addition, everyone receives training in applications so you will work more efficiently!

We regularly review your IT environment to ensure that it is secure, modern and functional. We use our experience to give you suggestions for improvement and stay one step ahead, even when you don't have a problem.

Backup of all Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace data 3 times a day which is saved for 1 year.

Methods that prevent illegitimate servers from sending email that appears to be sent from your company and stop spammers from abusing your domain name (SPF, DKIM and DMARK). These methods are also very good protection against incoming and outgoing spam.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Requirements

Microsoft Intune* helps protect business data and makes it easy to ensure that devices and applications comply with applicable security requirements.

  • Automation of hard disk encryption (save key securely in Microsoft Azure).
  • Manage virus protection and firewall on computers (Mac and Windows).
  • Recovery of stolen/lost computers. Automatic reinstallation upon new employment or when the computer malfunctions.
  • Automated installation and configuration of standard apps and default settings on company computers (MAM or MDM).
  • Simplified purchasing procedure for computers - "no touch from web shop to door".

*Microsoft Intune requires Microsoft Business Premium license

Business class web hosting including management of your domain names

  • Your own dedicated, personal IT technician who knows your IT environment.
  • Unlimited IT support via chat, e-mail, telephone, SMS, remote support and, if necessary, technicians on site during office hours. We serve both PC and Mac users.
  • On- and off-boarding. We help your staff get started with all the technical stuff when they start and make the right exits when they leave. We also help with the purchase or rental of computers and other equipment.
  • Loan computer when needed, e.g. for repairs.
  • Purchases of licenses and hardware, for example computers, cameras, network equipment, etc. Hardware costs are added and a 10% surcharge on transparent purchases. License costs are added according to the suppliers' list prices.
Azeo One+

Azeo One+

Azeo One+ is our powerful security package, which in addition to containing everything in Azeo One, provides your business with extra security. It is suitable for companies that are particularly concerned about their data security, such as law firms, innovation companies, consultants, or companies in financial services.

Price is based on number of employees. Please contact us to get your price.

  • Increase in your Secure Score.
  • Monitoring of computers and mobile phones.
  • Device protection for computers, phones and tablets
  • Customized multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Protection against phishing and insecure network connections of computers, phones and tablets
  • Information classification with security labels on documents

Backup of all Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace data 3 times a day which is saved for 10 years.

Case management around the clock 24/7

Ready, set, hassle-free IT.

Call me on +46 8 500 772 72 or book a meeting and I will tell you more about how we can help you achieve hassle-free IT.

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Incredibly satisfied customers!!

Our goal is for our customers to be the most satisfied IT customers in Sweden. That's why we must deliver not just a service, but a delivery beyond expectations. So far, we've received a 99.3% thumbs-up rating for this year's rated cases.

Adding an average response time of 67 seconds (phone and chat), we think that's pretty good. But, it's better to ask what our existing customers think, right?

Here are some you can contact.


satisfied customers


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Common questions

What is included in Azeo's unlimited support?
Unlimited IT support via chat, telephone, remote support and, if necessary, on-site technicians, during our regular opening hours. Unlimited IT support includes everything related to problem solving and technical support. For example:
  • Installation and support of Windows and Mac operating systems with standard applications and software
  • Configuration and administration of cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Manage staff starting and ending regarding accounts, hardware 
  • Introduction of new users into the company's applications, systems and security
  • Resolve malfunctions in the IT environment, e.g. printers, WiFi and other network equipment
  • Be the contact person for external suppliers
How long does it take to get started with Azeo One?

We are good at getting new customers up and running and handle everything from contact with old suppliers to migrating data to a new system. The move is carefully planned so that you are disturbed as little as possible. Normally one to two weeks of planning is needed, then the move itself usually takes a day to complete. .

Is backup included in Microsoft 365?

Yes and no. Backup is a big topic. The short answer is that there is backup, but different per product area and usually only between 30 and 90 days.

What does MFA or 2FA mean?

MFA means multi-factor authentication. BankID is a good example of this. This is the single best way to protect yourself against identity theft and phishing. 

Should you use personal computers in the company?

If you want to be really safe, you should provide your employees and partners with the company's devices. On the other hand, there are good solutions for managing own devices. Ask us!